Pants from Zara | Jacket from By Malene Birger | Shoes from ACNE

Happy Saturday, beauties:) How are you? Olivia and I are currently in bed, she is playing on the iPad and I’m on here. The iPad is such a treat for her. She rarely gets to use it, but Saturday mornings are the exception no matter what. When I then tell her yes, after she’s been asking every day throughout the week, she bombards me with compliments and hugs:) It’s the best way for both of us to start the weekend <3

Later we’re going to the movies to watch the Grinch. I love that she loves to go to the movies:) It’s the best!

Have a great day<3



Good morning, loves.
Did you see my insta stories this morning? My mom was as the angel she is had Olivia stay over at her place last night, so that I could get to sleep in this morning. Sleeping in is a good feeling, but going to the gym in the morning (after a good nights sleep) is better, so I had my alarm at 6am to go to the gym at 7am. Just as I was about to exit my driveway I realise that today is Friday, and the gym doesn’t open until 8am. And that would be too late before work. Happy early weekend to me – nope!

Anyway, now I’m up, had a little workout on the floor of my living room, and are about to make some breakfast. ♥︎


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I’m definitely a sucker for romcoms, chick flicks or whatever easy entertainment
I stumble upon, but I am also good at judging them. Last night I saw the kissing booth,
and although there were a couple of *rolling my eyes* scenes in between there, I really liked it and
wanted to share it with you. Joey King was fresh air and so cool, and I liked the way it ended.
Before she goes on the motorcycle. You know what I mean when you see it.
Have a great Saturday guys.