Happy new week friends. Today I’m having a pampering kind of day. I have a day off from work and plan on spending it doing nothing more than I have to – or want to. I had my first Saturday off from work this weekend and was so grateful for it, but ended up waking up with a super sore throat and plans together with Olivia, so staying in bed was not an option, and the Sunday we went to the zoo:) Today staying in bed was an option though and I woke up 9.30am. Now I’m updating you guys, before getting ready to get my eyebrows and lashes fixed. That’s always a pick-me-up. Hope you have a great day. Kisses.



Hey guys and happy Monday evening.

Yesterday I had this Monday all figured out. When you have a two year old, and commitments to go to, you have to be organised and make a plan. Going to bed yesterday I was quite happy with my plan, and went content to sleep. At around 1am I woke up hearing Olivia crying and wanting to come in to my bed. This is not normal at all, so I let her, and we spent the rest of the night with her being restless in her sleep and kicking me awake about 12 times I think. Poor thing woke up with a fever, and we both had to stay home. So with that all of my plans fell out of focus, and this day didn’t go as planned at all. Fortunately Olivia is much better today, so I’ll just change my Monday plans to Tuesday plans. And if there’s one thing I’ve learnt the last year or so it’s that you definitely cannot plan for (just about) anything :p

Have a great evening you guys <3 Kisses.


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It’s Black Friday today and I’m super excited for work. I’m expecting it to be so busy today, and that is so much fun. Lots to do and running around. Again in collaboration with I created a video for you guys. I’ve tried the Decléor products before going to bed every night this week and I’m loving them. I’m definitely the type of person that hates taking off my makeup before bed, but with a 3in1 cleanser I feel like I’m cheating life:) haha. There’s nothing better than short cuts. Have a great day, and talk soon. Kisses.

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ANNONSE / in collaboration with

Hey guys.
Together with I made a video tutorial on how I do my nails. After starting work at Zara they continue getting wrecked (:P) but fortunately we have nail polish that help make them look better. I hope you like the video and get some kind of inspiration from it. Have a gorgeous day. I’m on my way to work in just a few to get my nails wrecked again 😅
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