Good evening, loves.
I hope I find you well. Olivia is now dropped off at her dad’s
and I’m about to eat some food after my workout. I can tell you it wasn’t the best one,
but I’m happy I went either way. That really is my goal. To make this a lifestyle, and I feel that
maybe it already is. I definitely feel that something is missing if I go days without it.
Tomorrow I’m having my first day in a new position at work, and I’m excited – as well as anxious.
Expectations has to be met, you know:) Woop.
Have a nice evening and end to the week. Talk soon <3


Seeing Olivia again yesterday was so good. This week she’ll start her dancing class,
which I guess I’m more excited about than her, though I hope she’ll get her eyes up for dancing.
One of my greatest regrets in life is not letting my mom force me to continue the
dancing class I started when I was around seven. I would have been a pro by now.
Hehe, we’ll see how her dancing class goes 🙂 Have a nice evening.







Hi loves.
I’m currently finishing my breakfast after having a really
slow morning before going to the gym. The morning I had today is
the perfect morning. Sleeping in, though not waking up too late, going to
the gym, having breakfast and coffee and then taking a shower.
That’s what I’m going to do now, have a shower and then take a few photos.
Hope you have a good day.


Good morning, guys <3
Long time no see.

I just came back from a trip to Oslo where we worked on
preparing the new Zara store for the opening. My OCD was
the happiest its ever been after we were done, because Zara standards
are the most perfect standards. If you ever want to see a perfect looking Zara,
you should go to store openings 😍

Happy weekend, bebis<3