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I’m definitely a sucker for romcoms, chick flicks or whatever easy entertainment
I stumble upon, but I am also good at judging them. Last night I saw the kissing booth,
and although there were a couple of *rolling my eyes* scenes in between there, I really liked it and
wanted to share it with you. Joey King was fresh air and so cool, and I liked the way it ended.
Before she goes on the motorcycle. You know what I mean when you see it.
Have a great Saturday guys.


Dinner for me rarely takes long. I always
opt for the recipes that take the shortest amount
of time. This recipe takes about 20-40 minutes, but tastes
so good. It was my first time trying it, and the only
thing I am going to do differently next time is the cumin, and rather use
some spices that I know I like better.

What you need is:

✧ Oil
✧ Onion
✧ Carrot
✧ Bouillon
✧ Minced beef
✧ Salt and pepper
✧ Sweet potatoes
✧ Whatever spice you want
(If you love cumin then of course add this)

How you do:

✧ Peel the potato and carrot and cut them in pieces.
Fry them together with oil and the onion until they get a little soft in the same
pot you are going to boil them in.
✧ Mix the bouillon with water and put together with the vegetables.
Let them boil for about 15-20 minutes. Until they can get mashed together.
✧ Cook minced beef and put spices on it.
✧ When the vegetables are done mash them and serve with the meat.

For measurements, visit where I found the recipe.


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If I ever get to build my own house I wouldn’t know where to start.
There are so much I find stunningly beautiful and picking my style would be near impossible.
I mean I would get it done, but I’m just saying there is so many beautiful
styles out there. It would be hard to choose:)


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By now, if you read my blog you know 2018 hasn’t been so good. I know
things will eventually get better, so don’t worry about me. I just need some time to get better and
back to the more positive side of me. I sort of miss me.
One thing that has never left me in a bad mood though is getting a post out for you guys.
And I hear when you are in the kind of state that I am now, you should do the things
that make you feel good and happy. So it’s what I’m doing.
Today I came over this cute ass track suit, and want to see myself in it. Probably
won’t spend my money on this, but a girl can dream? It’s all I do:)


2018 so far have been ups and downs and so confusing.
I have been going back and forth between hiding behind my hair, and
being as happy as can be. I’m convincing myself everyday that tomorrow is another day,
and what I have makes me SO lucky. I know I am lucky, but
the mind is way too powerful and those thoughts that I don’t want to have…
They keep taking over.

Though I can’t wait for the weekend. One of my best friends in Oslo
has her 30th birthday party. O m g what a weekend it’ll be 🙂