Hi you guys. Happy Monday. Has it been a good one?
For me it’s been good, but hectic. It’s no joke having a child and a job, getting ready for that job, making sure she’s ready for kindergarten and that we both have our lunches as well as the right clothing and stuff, and then get us there on time. But I’m proud to say we made it with me having 10 minutes to spare by the time I was in my uniform. *Pat on the back.* The not so good part this morning, was the fact that I set my alarm to 05.45am just to have enough time for everything:P Normally an early morning isn’t a problem, but as you know I’ve been sick lately, and last night was the first night in what feels like forever that I slept through the night without waking up coughing or hurting in my throat. That figures, doesn’t it? So after posting this and taking a shower I plan on going to bed to get ready for tomorrow’s new round. I like it though.

The building above is a cute building in Kristiansand. After starting my blog and taking more photos I see pretty buildings all over the city, which I normally wouldn’t have noticed at all. I love that. Have a good night when it’s your turn. Kisses.



Good evening loves. How are you? As you know and could probably figure out I’ve been super busy. The last few weeks I’ve been juggling taking care of Olivia, starting a new job and holding my head over water because in the midst of this I lost my voice and haven’t been feeling well at all. And I just want to thank my entire family who helped. I couldn’t have done this AT ALL without your help – so thank you! Family really is everything<3
Tonight is the first night where I feel like I can relax for real since October 16th. I’m still sick and my cough won’t go away, but that doesn’t matter at all when I’m having so much fun at work. I refuse to be on bedrest, and therefore it’s nice to be able to have this evening all to myself to refill my batteries. Hopefully I’ll sleep off my stupid cough and virus that I have now, and be as good as new tomorrow.
Talk soon, okay? Kisses.



(in collab with

It’s been a few days – how are you? I’m beyond excited and just as much so tired. I’ve been spending loads of hours at our new Zara store and I’m having so much fun. The tempo is super fast, there’s lots to do and it’s been great. I’m so happy I got that job.

Hei mine fine  -hvordan har dere det? Jeg har det så bra og jobb går så det suser. Jeg er så glad jeg fikk den jobben!!

On another note Christmas is slowly approaching – eh, or maybe not slowly. In under two months we’ll be sitting together with our family celebrating Christmas, which will be so nice, but before that we have a few things to do, don’t we. Like prepare 😉 Are you like me, or do you already know what to get your loved ones for Christmas? I feel a lot of pressure from myself when trying to decide what to get people, and end up buying almost everything within the last days before the big day. Luckily this year I’m having a small collaboration with where they list great Christmas present tips for every family member, and there are already a few things I’m buying for sure there. Not to mention the long wish list I created for myself :p You can see a small amount below. That biotherm day cream is my holy grail. It’s the best day cream I’ve tried and need restock pretty soon. And right now I wouldn’t mind the Glow Booster as well. Hope you find some great tips if you’re stuck with ideas like me. Oh – and one tip that I have is to think about what the person you want to buy a present for is passionate about. Makes for the best presents!

Over til noe litt annet så nærmer jul seg med stormskritt. Om under to måneder sitter vi sammen med de vi er glade i og koser oss med juletider, noe jeg gleder meg masse til. Men før det da må det forberedelser til. Som for eksempel å kjøpe julegaver. Jeg har faktisk ei venninne som allerede er ferdig, men sånn er ikke jeg i det hele tatt. Jeg burde kanskje allerede ha begynt, men jeg legger alltid for mye press på meg selv, og tenker noe bedre kan dukke opp før jul, så jeg lar være å kjøpe før i siste liten. Heldigvis har jeg et lite samarbeid med, og de har lagd en superfin guide til tips til julegaver. Jeg lagde en liten ønskeliste for meg selv også jeg – som dere kan se nedenfor. Eller, det er bare en liten del av den. Fant mange flere godiser.

Et lite tips fra meg til deg når man skal kjøpe julegaver er å virkelig ha personen man kjøper til i tankene.
Hva elsker den personen og hva tror du gjør den personen skikkelig glad. Det er alltid de julegavene som blir best! 

Olivia isn’t feeling well today, so in approximately an hour we’re going to the doctor to get a check up and just spend the rest of the day together at home. Hope you’re having a wonderful day. Kisses.

Olivia hadde en helt forferdelig natt i natt, og har antakeligvis halsbetennelse. Vi drar til legen straks og får sjekket og så satser vi på at alt blir bra med litt medisin. Håper dere har en fin dag. Kyss.





Wow this week has been amazing. I’ve met so many wonderful people that I get to work with, learnt so much and been a part of opening a huge Zara store in the middle of Kristiansand. And opening day was crazy. If you were there you know. It was so busy the only time I had the time to think about anything else but Zara related stuff was in my break, and even then I didn’t. I loved, loved, loved the rush and speed of it, but my feet definitely didn’t 🙂 After a great three first days at work I was so happy to have absolutely no plans but Olivia plans this Sunday, and we’ve been doing all her favourite things today, which fortunately led to me resting my feet a lot. Now I’m ready for another week at the best store in town. I’d love for you guys to come in and say hi if you’re in Kristiansand. I’ll be the girl running around with 10 hangers on my arm. Have a great Sunday evening 🙂 Kisses



When I have no morning plans

My morning starts with making Olivia breakfast. After breakfast I get her ready for kindergarten, and myself ready for the gym, and then head out of the house. After she’s dropped off and I’ve been to the gym, I normally come home, make breakfast and eat while watching a show on TV. While these photos were taken I was watching the Good Wife. Then I jump in the shower, and get ready for whatever else is on the agenda. Usually it’s taking photos.

Today would have looked like this, but my schedule changed a bit when I made plans with my brother to work out with him, so now I’m actually just sitting here waiting for him. Hope you’ll have a great day. Kisses.