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Good morning guys, how are you? I feel super rested. I’m currently sitting on my sofa, in the dark surrounded by Christmas lights, enjoying a cup of coffee and writing this post. I woke up at 6am without the help of any kind of alarm, because I went to bed super early. So early I’m not even going to tell you:P Haha, no it was around 8pm. I just have had one of those weekends, and felt like getting some much needed sleep, and because I dropped Olivia off with her father yesterday and she is with him this week this was the time to do it. I also have a day off from work today, so I’m planning on meeting a friend for lunch before finishing all my Christmas presents after that.

The photos above are from late this summer. I forgot posting them, but here they are. The jeans I’m wearing are one of my favourite ones, I found someone pretty similar, and now I want those as well. They have a deeper black color, which I love! Have a great day, cuties. Kisses.


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Hi guys, right now I’m sitting in my car waiting for Olivia to wake up. I took her out of kindergarten today to have a few more hours with her this week. I’m not working until this evening, so we drove out to spend some time with my mom and she fell asleep in the car. As I was about to take her out I asked her if she wanted to sleep some more, and she nodded no but then instantly fell asleep again so I didn’t have the heart to wake her just yet😂 Hope you have a nice day. Btw, it started snowing again in Kristiansand. If you check out my instagram stories you can see how it looks where I live, while where my mom lives it’s just mush:)


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Hi guys. Long time no see – I hope you’re doing well. Currently I’m super obsessing over metallic items and I feel like I see it everywhere. I’m also currently in a no shopping period (sort of) and this is breaking my fashion heart 🙈 But you know I’ll live:)
My favourite on this list is the boots at the top. Oh my goodness, they are so, super extra and I wouldn’t know on which occasion I would wear them – I just know I want them. Badly! Haha. Maybe if they’re still there when my no shopping period is over:) Have a good day ♡


Happy new week friends. Today I’m having a pampering kind of day. I have a day off from work and plan on spending it doing nothing more than I have to – or want to. I had my first Saturday off from work this weekend and was so grateful for it, but ended up waking up with a super sore throat and plans together with Olivia, so staying in bed was not an option, and the Sunday we went to the zoo:) Today staying in bed was an option though and I woke up 9.30am. Now I’m updating you guys, before getting ready to get my eyebrows and lashes fixed. That’s always a pick-me-up. Hope you have a great day. Kisses.



Hey guys and happy Monday evening.

Yesterday I had this Monday all figured out. When you have a two year old, and commitments to go to, you have to be organised and make a plan. Going to bed yesterday I was quite happy with my plan, and went content to sleep. At around 1am I woke up hearing Olivia crying and wanting to come in to my bed. This is not normal at all, so I let her, and we spent the rest of the night with her being restless in her sleep and kicking me awake about 12 times I think. Poor thing woke up with a fever, and we both had to stay home. So with that all of my plans fell out of focus, and this day didn’t go as planned at all. Fortunately Olivia is much better today, so I’ll just change my Monday plans to Tuesday plans. And if there’s one thing I’ve learnt the last year or so it’s that you definitely cannot plan for (just about) anything :p

Have a great evening you guys <3 Kisses.