2018 so far have been ups and downs and so confusing.
I have been going back and forth between hiding behind my hair, and
being as happy as can be. I’m convincing myself everyday that tomorrow is another day,
and what I have makes me SO lucky. I know I am lucky, but
the mind is way too powerful and those thoughts that I don’t want to have…
They keep taking over.

Though I can’t wait for the weekend. One of my best friends in Oslo
has her 30th birthday party. O m g what a weekend it’ll be 🙂


Good evening, loves.
I hope I find you well. Olivia is now dropped off at her dad’s
and I’m about to eat some food after my workout. I can tell you it wasn’t the best one,
but I’m happy I went either way. That really is my goal. To make this a lifestyle, and I feel that
maybe it already is. I definitely feel that something is missing if I go days without it.
Tomorrow I’m having my first day in a new position at work, and I’m excited – as well as anxious.
Expectations has to be met, you know:) Woop.
Have a nice evening and end to the week. Talk soon <3


Seeing Olivia again yesterday was so good. This week she’ll start her dancing class,
which I guess I’m more excited about than her, though I hope she’ll get her eyes up for dancing.
One of my greatest regrets in life is not letting my mom force me to continue the
dancing class I started when I was around seven. I would have been a pro by now.
Hehe, we’ll see how her dancing class goes 🙂 Have a nice evening.







Hi loves.
I’m currently finishing my breakfast after having a really
slow morning before going to the gym. The morning I had today is
the perfect morning. Sleeping in, though not waking up too late, going to
the gym, having breakfast and coffee and then taking a shower.
That’s what I’m going to do now, have a shower and then take a few photos.
Hope you have a good day.