Fishtail braid

My sister made this yesterday, and I thought it looked so good so I had to share it with you:) 

Hope your day is good.

x Charlotte 

How to keep your roses one more week

how to

Let me just tell you, the moment I notice my roses starting to hang a bit with their heads is the moment I start getting a little irritated. I try my hardest to take good care of the roses I buy but somehow they won’t last very long.
So, as of late, to make them last one more week I cut of their heads and put them in a bowl like this. Oops, that sounded morbid, but hey, they’re just flowers. Anyway, I think it looks so pretty and I’m happy, because I get to keep them for one more week. Yay.

Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday. Talk later.
x Charlotte