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My routine lately has been waking up, going to the gym, coming home, eat breakfast and while I eat breakfast watch an episode of The Good Wife. And very often after my breakfast which usually consists of eggs, I crave something sweet. I have no idea if that is normal for other people, but it’s very normal for me. Maybe just because I’m definitely a dessert person, and would love dessert after every meal, please 🙂 Haha, but I don’t give in to that crave all the time, though. Or I’d probably be 20 pounds heavier. Anyway, sitting here right now my sweet tooth is screaming real hard, and I haven’t even been to the gym yet… 




When I joined the gym about a year ago, I did say to myself that this time I would make a change, that I wasn’t going to go down the same path all the other hundreds of times I had joined a gym only to just support the gym and not myself – but when I look back I don’t think I believed myself when I said it. Nevertheless, I actually did make a change and now I start most of my days going to the gym, which has never happened in my life, and I’m super proud. I am allowed, aren’t I? Like I said to my friend the other day; some days the energy just isn’t there and I end up leaving after 10 minutes, but there’s something about the routine of going either way and just try, and if it fails – well then you have tomorrow or the next day to try again. And I’m super happy about any small workout I get in.

So I’m off right now – are you?


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Confession: I ate too much sugar today

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And that’s how Sunday’s should be like. Eating too much sugar. Or you could take the healthy route – which I sort of wish I took right now. Haha, I made a batch of eight cinnamon rolls today and ate 4 myself 🙈 yup – omg. Not all at once, though, but still – I can’t believe I did that. I mean, I can believe it because it may not have been smart, but it WAS easy. And I have a problem. A sugar problem. Jeez. The rest of the week I’m officially on sugar detox. I compensated a tiny, tiny bit, though, with taking a Sunday stroll together with Olivia, my mom, dad and my sister. It hardly counts:P

I’m about to watch TV and man up for my kick ass workout tomorrow. It’s needed. Have a great night. Kisses.

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Noen perioder altså. De siste få ukene har hodet mitt vært all over the place. Jeg har vært innom alle følelser man kan ha tror jeg. Lei meg, glad, lykkelig, stresset, utålmodig, likegyldig, brydd meg for mye, glede, sinna, ensom, sommerfugler i magen, spent, flau, irritert, ufokusert og ellers hver eneste emoji du kan finne der ute. Med andre ord har jeg ikke helt kjent meg igjen i meg selv. Og det kunne ikke passet dårligere.

Some periods are just worse than others, and for the last couple of weeks I’ve been through this kind of a period. I think I’ve been through all emotions one can have. I’ve been sad, happy, joyful, stressed, impatient, indifferent, cared too much, happiness, anger, loneliness, butterflies in my stomach, excited, embarrassed, annoyed, unfocused and every other emoji you can find. In other words I haven’t recognised myself, really. And the timing was horrendous.

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Så fra og med i dag skal jeg jobbe med å roe ned. Kun tilbringe verdifull tid med Olivia og gode venner og forberede meg til et veldig spennende møte neste uke. DET gleder jeg meg til. Og dere, det er snart juni 😀 Den beste måneden i året! 

So as of right now I need to work on just relaxing. Spend quality time with Olivia and friends, and prepare for a very exciting meeting next week. Which I’m very anxious about, but look forward to. Ang hey, June is coming up! 😀 The best month of the year!


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Hei mine fine og god mandag.
Endelig kjenner jeg ting begynner å bli normale igjen. Internett er oppe og går, leiligheten nærmer seg ferdig, jeg føler jeg har kontroll på skolearbeid og ellers så er vi i mai og det er så deilig når solen er ute.
Olivia er hos faren sin denne uken, så i dag sov jeg så lenge jeg klarte (ikke lenger enn 8 :P), dro på trening og sitter nå med frokost og blogg foran meg. Senere har jeg en hudpleietime og jobber ellers med eksamen som startet i dag. Tenk at jeg snart er ferdig og at det er sommerferie. Det er fint altså!

Hi loves and happy Monday.
I’m finally starting to feel like things are back to normal. My internet is up and running, the apartment is close to being all done, I feel on top of my school work and we’re in May. I love when the sun is shining!
Olivia is with her father this week, so today I slept as long as I could (not longer than 8am though :P), went to the gym and are now sitting eating breakfast and updating you guys. Later I have an appointment and will be working with my exam that started today. I can’t believe that I’m finished soon and the summer vacation is 

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Som jeg har nevnt har jeg flyttet inn i ny leilighet og da jeg flyttet inn var jeg fast bestemt på at i denne leiligheten skulle jeg ha litt farger, og de jeg valgte kan dere se over. Den ene er til kjøkkenet, en til Olivia sitt rom, til badet og til soverommet 🙂 Kan dere gjette hvilken som er til hva? Jeg er super fornøyd med de jeg valgte og gleder meg til de aller siste tingene er på plass. Da skal jeg med glede ta litt bilder og vise dere!
Ha en deilig mandag! Snakkes snart. Kisses.

Like I have mentioned I’ve moved into a new apartment, and when I moved in I was determined that I wanted color here, and the ones I chose you can see above. One is for my kitchen, one is for Olivia’s room, one for the bathroom and one for the bedroom 🙂 Can you guess which goes where? I’m so happy with them and I can’t wait until the last few things are done. Then I’ll shoot some photos for you so you can see!
Have a beautiful Monday, guys. Talk soon. Kisses.