Hi my loves, and hi 2018!

Did you know that when you get that virus that makes you throw up it takes approximately two days from when you’re infected until you start feeling the symptoms? Thank goodness for that. Olivia started throwing up the night leading to Wednesday, and I’m so grateful that we didn’t have it on the same time, because the last 12 hours have been horrible, and I just can’t imagine how it would have looked like if we both were in the state I’ve been the last hours at the same time. Ooooph, throwing up is no joke, but fortunately I have the greatest sister that were able to take care of Olivia while I was at my worst. Soooo, 2018 didn’t start out great I’d say, but it can only go up from here:) I hope your year started out way better😘 Have a good evening, kisses.


Good evening loves.
Today has been such a good day at work. I love when there’s this little extra oomph, and today we had a lot to do. Tomorrow will be the same I imagine, so I can’t wait. Though tomorrow will be an even earlier day than today. I’ll have to get up at 5am tomorrow, which most of the time isn’t an issue, the problem is mentally. When actually setting the alarm to 5am I dread waking up. But then when the time comes fortunately I don’t have a problem doing so. My problem comes around this time. Haha, I’m super tired, and I bet you it won’t be long until I’m on my way to the bathroom getting ready for bed:) I hope you have a good evening, and also day tomorrow:) Talk soon. Kisses.


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Hi guys, right now I’m sitting in my car waiting for Olivia to wake up. I took her out of kindergarten today to have a few more hours with her this week. I’m not working until this evening, so we drove out to spend some time with my mom and she fell asleep in the car. As I was about to take her out I asked her if she wanted to sleep some more, and she nodded no but then instantly fell asleep again so I didn’t have the heart to wake her just yet😂 Hope you have a nice day. Btw, it started snowing again in Kristiansand. If you check out my instagram stories you can see how it looks where I live, while where my mom lives it’s just mush:)


Pink for you mommy

Happy Sunday guys. Hope you’re having a great one. Olivia and I started our morning around 7am today, and have played, watched the Lion King and Daniel Tiger and made pancakes. As well as some chores in between. The weather is super beautiful in Kristiansand today, but after a busy week I decided for us to stay in and just have some quality snuggle time before she goes to be with her dad for a week. Right now she borrowed my phone to look at photos. Haha, she loves to look at photos of herself and see what and where she’s been. She’s cute. I need to get back to snuggling. Talk soon. Kisses


Good evening my loves.
So we’re well into the week I’d say, but I thought it’d be fun telling you how our week looks. Who knows, maybe you wanted to know:P

The start of the week, a work day and making sure we have everything we need for the coming days.
Monday we went to our job and kindergarten, and then when I picked her up we went to the supermarket to get things we didn’t have in the refrigerator.
I hate throwing out food, so I try to buy as little as I can and plan ahead, but that isn’t always too easy.
I feel bad though when I have to throw something.

Today I tried being as on time as I was yesterday, (you know all about it if you read this post) and when we were done eating our breakfast I really thought we were on time, but suddenly the time went by really quickly and I was sure all was lost.
I calculated completely wrong because I ended up being 15 minutes early, haha, but at one point I was almost ready to call in a bit late.
Hours into my workday I got a call from the kindergarten that Olivia wasn’t feeling like her normal self, and was lucky enough that my sister could get her for me.
By the time I was with them again after work they told me that it seemed like she had tricked the people in her kindergarten or something, because she’s been her normal self all evening and happy as a clam.
Haha, she can be really sneaky, so maybe she just wanted to go home? Silly girl.

On Wednesday we wear pink.
(If you know, you know.) Haha, maybe not. ..or maybe?
Tomorrow I have a day off from work and plan on delivering Olivia to her kindergarten and then meet up with my sister for a day of some shopping.
I really want to buy Olivia a Christmas calendar with a small present for every day of December, and thought tomorrow would be the perfect opportunity.
Then when picking her up again, we’re going to eat dinner with her grandfather.

Today I have a longer day at work and although I would be able to pick Olivia up before kindergarten close, I feel like picking her up at around 5pm is way too late, so I arranged for my sister to pick her up earlier.
90% for her sake, but also for the kind people working there. I can easily put myself in their shoes when it comes to opening hours and watching the time as it’s nearing the ending time.
It’s always better to pick up early if you have the opportunity.

I have no special plans for Friday, but feel like having a really quiet day after work and kindergarten at home with some dinner and playtime.
We normally see our family very often the week Olivia is with me, but sometimes I feel like just being her and me. Quality time really is the best.

Saturday this week is a workday for me, but I’m so lucky to have the best family that is there for me and can take care of Olivia while I need to be away.
Fortunately I don’t start work before 1pm, so I get to spend all morning together with her.

Nothing but relaxing and spending time with O before delivering her to her father.