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Coat from By Malene Birger (other) | Sweater from H&M | Belt from ZARA HERE | Trousers from H&M | Boots from Timberland x Marni (similar)

Hi loves. Haha, so if you saw my last blogpost you saw that the headline was SUNDAY, when I actually wrote it yesterday, which was Saturday. Meaning I was way more tired than what I thought.
Today Olivia and I have had a super quiet day. I was hoping that she would feel better today, but honestly she didn’t. We went for a short lunch together with her grandfather, and on our way back she fell asleep in the car and didn’t want to wake up. She was exhausted poor thing. It broke my mommy heart when I had to leave her today with her dad because all I wanted to do was cuddle her and make her feel better, but of course I know she’ll be fine with him, and he will take such good care of her. Though the mommy heart wants what it wants, you know.

Wish you all a nice evening. x



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Jacket from Minimum HERE

Good evening loves and happy Valentine’s day. Has it been a good one?
I had an early shift at work and then when I got home I was so tired. My plan was to go to the gym today as well, but there just wasn’t oomph enough in me to do so, so instead I relaxed a bit on the couch. Then I facetimed with Olivia for a while before going around my apartment doing things that needed to be done:) Right now I’m editing some photos and saying hello to you guys before I’m going to bed. I want to get up bright and early tomorrow, go to the gym and maybe shoot some photos. The latter depends on the weather. They say it’s supposed to snow, but you never know, so I’m just waiting to see.
Hope you have a good few last hours of the day. Kisses.


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✨ SHOES HERE (Similar) ✨

Good evening loves. How are you? I’ve had a productive day starting with some blog work, shovelling snow before then going to the gym. I didn’t get to go last week which wouldn’t be weird at all a year ago, but now my body feels so heavy if I don’t at least go three times. And that’s at the very least.
After taking a shower and getting ready for the day I met up with my sister who went with me to get some errands out of the way:) Now I just got home and wanted to show you guys these super cute sneakers that Olivia got from my mom when she got back from travelling last week. They are completely new, and I couldn’t find them anywhere online, so I have linked to some that are just as cute, just a tiny bit different. They are a bit too large for O though, so I think we’ll have to wait for her to wear them in late summer – but I cannot wait:) Have a good evening 😘



Hey loves. If you follow me on instagram you know that I gave these two pieces to my sister and my mother for their birthdays this January, and that you also get 15% off your purchase at pictureit.no if you use my discount code that I got for you guys, which is charlotte15. However, we also wanted to create a competition for you, and it all goes down on my instagram – which you can find HERE. I can’t wait to find out which one of you will win. (The competition is only open for my Norwegian followers but the price is a gift card of 2000kr so I urge my Norwegians to enter:))
I hope your Monday starts off on the right foot ♡



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Good morning loves, how are you? Two blog posts in two days? That sure hasn’t happened in a long time. I realized that we have so many cool items coming to the store this season and I wanted to share some sunnies with you:) I think these are so cool and that the trend is awesome. In moderation at least. I’ve seen some people wearing sunglasses that are probably just one centimeter wide and that is not for me:p You can find them all here 🖤