Yellow top and pants HERE and HERE | Sandals HERE | Orange suit – blazer HERE trousers HERE | Checkered coat HERE | Boots HERE | Bag HERE

Hi loves. Happy Monday – has it been a good one? Mine has been so and so. I’ve been spending most of it in front of my computer and phone, though I did manage to get my ass to the gym. I’m not sure how though, but it was quite a good workout. Before and after I’ve been feeling like a sloth, so I haven’t gotten much done except for eating. Haha and eating a lot.

I’m on vacation this week but as you can see I’m missing work so much that I had to make a collage of some of my favourite things right now 🤓 Don’t you just love that yellow set? I know I do. I just wanted to check in. I so appreciate you checking in on me. Have a wonderful day, chicas ❤️


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