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Coat from By Malene Birger (other) | Sweater from H&M | Belt from ZARA HERE | Trousers from H&M | Boots from Timberland x Marni (similar)

Hi loves. Haha, so if you saw my last blogpost you saw that the headline was SUNDAY, when I actually wrote it yesterday, which was Saturday. Meaning I was way more tired than what I thought.
Today Olivia and I have had a super quiet day. I was hoping that she would feel better today, but honestly she didn’t. We went for a short lunch together with her grandfather, and on our way back she fell asleep in the car and didn’t want to wake up. She was exhausted poor thing. It broke my mommy heart when I had to leave her today with her dad because all I wanted to do was cuddle her and make her feel better, but of course I know she’ll be fine with him, and he will take such good care of her. Though the mommy heart wants what it wants, you know.

Wish you all a nice evening. x



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