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Good evening loves. How are you? I’ve had a productive day starting with some blog work, shovelling snow before then going to the gym. I didn’t get to go last week which wouldn’t be weird at all a year ago, but now my body feels so heavy if I don’t at least go three times. And that’s at the very least.
After taking a shower and getting ready for the day I met up with my sister who went with me to get some errands out of the way:) Now I just got home and wanted to show you guys these super cute sneakers that Olivia got from my mom when she got back from travelling last week. They are completely new, and I couldn’t find them anywhere online, so I have linked to some that are just as cute, just a tiny bit different. They are a bit too large for O though, so I think we’ll have to wait for her to wear them in late summer – but I cannot wait:) Have a good evening 😘


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