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Hi loves. Happy Saturday. This week I have been having all sorts of feelings because a lot has happened. Half of my wardrobe fell apart, but then my dad came in like the superhero he is and fixed it all. Meaning he bought me an entire setup for a new wardrobe. I will show it to you later. I love it. If you follow me on instagram you also got a sneak peek as well as knowledge that my sister put it all together. Wow what a family I have<3
I also had an exciting challenge at work, which I will get feedback on next week. I’m so anxious about that and cannot wait ’till I get it:)

Right now Olivia and I have eaten breakfast, or more correctly she has eaten breakfast and I have only had a cup of coffee. It’s Saturday and finally she’s allowed to eat candy, so she’s indulging in chocolate eggs right now while watching some cartoons. Later we have a date with some friends to go bowling. Hope you have a good day. Kisses.


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