Happy Monday sweet peas. How are you?

The last time I updated you guys I was just about to finish having a stomach virus, and went on about how it could only go up from the horror I just had gone through. Well, guess what – it didn’t go up. Just before getting completely rid of the pain in my tummy I got a super sore throat. I went to the doctor who advised me to see how it progressed through the night, and if it didn’t get better I should take antibiotics. Long story short – I ended up having to take the antibiotics and I cannot remember ever feeling this much pain. I couldn’t for the life of me even open my mouth to speak. Tonsillitis is hell. Anyway, I finally got better, so this weekend Olivia and I had a girls’ weekend with my best friend in Oslo. Unfortunately some of the pain in my throat is back now, but I am so HAPPY to announce that it is nothing near how I felt a week ago 😀 …..just fyi. Haha.

Hope you have the most lovely evening. x


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