Hi my loves, and hi 2018!

Did you know that when you get that virus that makes you throw up it takes approximately two days from when you’re infected until you start feeling the symptoms? Thank goodness for that. Olivia started throwing up the night leading to Wednesday, and I’m so grateful that we didn’t have it on the same time, because the last 12 hours have been horrible, and I just can’t imagine how it would have looked like if we both were in the state I’ve been the last hours at the same time. Ooooph, throwing up is no joke, but fortunately I have the greatest sister that were able to take care of Olivia while I was at my worst. Soooo, 2018 didn’t start out great I’d say, but it can only go up from here:) I hope your year started out way better😘 Have a good evening, kisses.


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