Hi you guys. Happy Monday. Has it been a good one?
For me it’s been good, but hectic. It’s no joke having a child and a job, getting ready for that job, making sure she’s ready for kindergarten and that we both have our lunches as well as the right clothing and stuff, and then get us there on time. But I’m proud to say we made it with me having 10 minutes to spare by the time I was in my uniform. *Pat on the back.* The not so good part this morning, was the fact that I set my alarm to 05.45am just to have enough time for everything:P Normally an early morning isn’t a problem, but as you know I’ve been sick lately, and last night was the first night in what feels like forever that I slept through the night without waking up coughing or hurting in my throat. That figures, doesn’t it? So after posting this and taking a shower I plan on going to bed to get ready for tomorrow’s new round. I like it though.

The building above is a cute building in Kristiansand. After starting my blog and taking more photos I see pretty buildings all over the city, which I normally wouldn’t have noticed at all. I love that. Have a good night when it’s your turn. Kisses.



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