Good evening loves. How are you? As you know and could probably figure out I’ve been super busy. The last few weeks I’ve been juggling taking care of Olivia, starting a new job and holding my head over water because in the midst of this I lost my voice and haven’t been feeling well at all. And I just want to thank my entire family who helped. I couldn’t have done this AT ALL without your help – so thank you! Family really is everything<3
Tonight is the first night where I feel like I can relax for real since October 16th. I’m still sick and my cough won’t go away, but that doesn’t matter at all when I’m having so much fun at work. I refuse to be on bedrest, and therefore it’s nice to be able to have this evening all to myself to refill my batteries. Hopefully I’ll sleep off my stupid cough and virus that I have now, and be as good as new tomorrow.
Talk soon, okay? Kisses.



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