Wow this week has been amazing. I’ve met so many wonderful people that I get to work with, learnt so much and been a part of opening a huge Zara store in the middle of Kristiansand. And opening day was crazy. If you were there you know. It was so busy the only time I had the time to think about anything else but Zara related stuff was in my break, and even then I didn’t. I loved, loved, loved the rush and speed of it, but my feet definitely didn’t 🙂 After a great three first days at work I was so happy to have absolutely no plans but Olivia plans this Sunday, and we’ve been doing all her favourite things today, which fortunately led to me resting my feet a lot. Now I’m ready for another week at the best store in town. I’d love for you guys to come in and say hi if you’re in Kristiansand. I’ll be the girl running around with 10 hangers on my arm. Have a great Sunday evening 🙂 Kisses



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