When I joined the gym about a year ago, I did say to myself that this time I would make a change, that I wasn’t going to go down the same path all the other hundreds of times I had joined a gym only to just support the gym and not myself – but when I look back I don’t think I believed myself when I said it. Nevertheless, I actually did make a change and now I start most of my days going to the gym, which has never happened in my life, and I’m super proud. I am allowed, aren’t I? Like I said to my friend the other day; some days the energy just isn’t there and I end up leaving after 10 minutes, but there’s something about the routine of going either way and just try, and if it fails – well then you have tomorrow or the next day to try again. And I’m super happy about any small workout I get in.

So I’m off right now – are you?


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