How to: Hairstyle


Hi guys.

I love doing something different with my hair. As mentioned before, I usually go for the straight down look, top bun or just a ponytail on top of my head. And I’m happy with that for the most part, but sometimes it’s good to mix it up a bit and get a whole other vibe to my look.

What I did:

〰 I started combing through my hair so there were no tangles left. I know this look looks messy, but for my hair that comes naturally after all the steps are done. You’ll just have to see how your hair acts when you try it.
〰 Next I start sectioning out my hair. First the top lock hair, which I put together in an elastic. The see through ones are the best for this look, but you can of course decide that for yourself.
〰 Then I take that small ponytail and fasten it on top of my head. This is just so the hair in this ponytail won’t mess up the next section.
〰 So, on the next section you do exactly what you did with the top section, but remember to leave enough hair for the third section. Fasten this ponytail together with the first one, and then take the remaining bottom hair and put this in an elastic as well.
〰 Now you can loosen the sections from the top of your head, and we’re back to the top ponytail. With both your hands carefully take your ponytail and make a hole with your finger from top to bottom just behind the elastic. Next twirl the ponytail going upwards, then down into the hole. Now you should have a twirl on your ponytail and the length of your hair should hang over the two other sections.. Did you do it right?
〰 Do the same thing with the middle and bottom section.
〰 Last, thread the first length of your first ponytail into the middle section where you made a hole, and then continue doing the same thing with the rest. Voila, you should be done. This is actually quite easy, but the first time should maybe be for practicing as you don’t know exactly how your hair will react.

Have fun with it though, and have a wonderful day and weekend.


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