SUNDAY & the sickest thing I’ve seen in a while

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I just found the most insanely beautiful jacket I’ve seen in a while and I needed to share it with you. Where is my money when I need them?

How is your Sunday btw? Olivia and I have had a quiet morning, and are about  to nudge it up a bit with running around the living room and maybe doing her makeup. She has found the love for putting lipstick all over her face – and mine of course – and I love letting her do it:) Have a great day!



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Good evening my loves. How are you? Yesterday I started my day with a back and abs work out before spending the rest of the day together with a bunch of adorable, loving people wanting to create awesome content. Just up my alley and I had such a fun day. I posted a lot of it on my insta stories, but I guess it’s gone now. Please tell me if you want me to post some of the small videos and photos here:)

Now I just put Olivia to bed and are about to spend a little time in front of the computer editing some photos:) I love doing that, but rarely take the time to do a bunch at the same time. x




Good evening loves.
If you follow me on instagram you saw that 50% of my wardrobe fell to the ground a couple weeks back, but fortunately my superhero dad and sister fixed it all and now I have this amazing wall to wall wardrobe, which I can’t even fill up. It has so much space and it feels incredible. What you see in the photos are about half of it, and I am so grateful.

Another thing I’m grateful for is the fact that my vacation is this week. The weather outside is horrible, and I’m so happy that I have the opportunity to choose for myself if I want to brace it or not and not be forced, because I have to go to work:) It’s the little things in life, isn’t it?
Have a LOVELY evening ❤️




Yellow top and pants HERE and HERE | Sandals HERE | Orange suit – blazer HERE trousers HERE | Checkered coat HERE | Boots HERE | Bag HERE

Hi loves. Happy Monday – has it been a good one? Mine has been so and so. I’ve been spending most of it in front of my computer and phone, though I did manage to get my ass to the gym. I’m not sure how though, but it was quite a good workout. Before and after I’ve been feeling like a sloth, so I haven’t gotten much done except for eating. Haha and eating a lot.

I’m on vacation this week but as you can see I’m missing work so much that I had to make a collage of some of my favourite things right now 🤓 Don’t you just love that yellow set? I know I do. I just wanted to check in. I so appreciate you checking in on me. Have a wonderful day, chicas ❤️


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Coat from By Malene Birger (other) | Sweater from H&M | Belt from ZARA HERE | Trousers from H&M | Boots from Timberland x Marni (similar)

Hi loves. Haha, so if you saw my last blogpost you saw that the headline was SUNDAY, when I actually wrote it yesterday, which was Saturday. Meaning I was way more tired than what I thought.
Today Olivia and I have had a super quiet day. I was hoping that she would feel better today, but honestly she didn’t. We went for a short lunch together with her grandfather, and on our way back she fell asleep in the car and didn’t want to wake up. She was exhausted poor thing. It broke my mommy heart when I had to leave her today with her dad because all I wanted to do was cuddle her and make her feel better, but of course I know she’ll be fine with him, and he will take such good care of her. Though the mommy heart wants what it wants, you know.

Wish you all a nice evening. x